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  • There is no standard / defined mechanism in the web hosting industry for ranking web hosting companies in order of priority, however, general parameters can be applied to web hosting as under:-

    Google / Search Engine Ranking: Search engines ranking of a particular company is indicative of how google, yahoo, msn etc places the company in order of priority with relation to searched term. If your search term is web hosting Pakistan or Lahore, Karachi etc, you are bound to find the top ranked site in Pakistan / Lahore / Karachi as per you key word.

    Uptime Performance: No matter how good is the hosting company and best are the records; nothing is good for you if your web site remains down most of the times. Check hosting company's uptime record over the years Most companies claim to have above 99% uptime, You can thus check on it from reviews sites and / or third party website, where applicable. Very few companies in Pakistan, however, display independent third party records of their uptime records.

    Cost of Hosting: Your obvious interest is to find a low cost web hosting company. Cost however, is only one factor. You can compare cost of some of the top hosting companies of Pakistan mentioned below.

    Experience of the Company. The experience a webhosting company has gained through customer handling in Pakistan enables them to get to know the demands of the Pakistani customers On the other hand knowing the tricks of the industry, a company based in Pakistan is in a position to know how to cut short their cost and thus be able to offer cheap web hosting. You can find age of a domain from its who is lookup.

    Some of the other Areas where you can gauge the performance of a web hosting company in Pakistan and rate it as no 1 or any other place as per your choice are:-
    - Do they have some support / ticketing system? A top company cannot work without it.
    - Do they have a billing system in place, as with out this a company cannot rise up the ladder.
    - Do they offer multiple payment options. This is particularly applicable to Pakistani companies as the customers here in Pakistan are faced with issues of non availability of a electronic transaction in true sense, poor banking infrastructure coupled with lack of banking culture.
    - Response Time: Response time to sales inquiries may not be indicative of the response time to technical support and server performance. However, one can get some idea from this.
    - Server Location: The location of the servers matters in the sense of speed and efficiency of the servers In the absence of data centers in Pakistan, some the web hosting companies here can reduce the cost by placing their servers in their office instead of data centers This would result in frequent downtime and poor speed / performance as the office cannot replicate conditions of the world class data centers You can determine to location of data center of a web hosting company by asking ip address from them.

A list of Top Hosting Companies of Pakistan is mentioned below. The listing here is a view / opinion and may not reflect 100% potential of any Company. Web Hosting Companies also keep reviewing their cost, for updates please visit respective website:

Company Name / Url 500 MB* 1 GB Domain Name Mysql* Email*
Unique Links
Rs 1475 Rs 1900 Included(Free) Unlimited Unlimited


Rs1199 Rs1999 Free 5 50
Web Hosting Pakistan
Rs 2340
(300 MB)
Rs 3489
(800 MB)
Rs 500
5 25
Rs 1500
(250 Mb)
Rs 4896 Included(Free) 3 10
Rs 4200 Rs 6900 Included(Free) 50 50
AH Corporation
Rs 7000 - Included(Free) Unlimited 75
Rs 11000 Rs 19040 Included(Free) 5 50
Rs 1500
(250 MB)
Rs 2880 Included(Free) 1 10
Rs 12600 Rs 25,500 Rs 960 15 50
Rs 6720 Rs 9600 Included(Free) - 75
LuqMan Technologies
Rs 2900 Rs 7700 Included(Free) 1 50
Allianz Host
Rs 16320 - Rs 1200 Yes 20
Pak Hosting
Rs 3000 - Rs 1200 Unlimited Unlimited
Apna Karobar
Rs 2475
(250 MB)
Rs 5175 Included(Free) - 25
Rs 4000 Rs 6000 Included(Free) Unlimited Unlimited
Navico Soft
Rs 1499 Rs 2499 Included(Free) Unlimited Unlimited
Rs 1499 Rs 1000 Rs 799 - -

Please Note that Hosting Companies Keep Changing their Prices, You may like to visit respective sites for latest costs.
The data below is listed for 500 MB and 1GB plans just to draw some comparison (due to limited space all features could not be listed).

This page about web hosting companies in Pakistan is based on google ranking of the Pakistani hosting companies at the time of preparation of the page /Later updates. This does not necessarily indicate that these are the only best companies in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar etc ie. Pakistan. The list of web hosting companies of Pakistan above is also not in an order of merit / top / best company first and onwards. Ranking of top hosting companies of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, Pakistan keep changing and one need to keep checking it out.