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Credit Card Integration in your WebSite

Consultation Services for Integration of Credit Card Processing in your Web Site

Our consultancy services are provided at a one time fee of Rs 3500. The online consultancy would include:

  1. Advice on Selection of a suitable Merchant Account Provider as per your specific business needs.
  2. Advice on how to proceed with your sign up with selected merchant account provider for speedy activation
  3. Information needed from your bank for providing the same to merchants for Electronic Transaction.
  4. Possible methods of receiving money by you and recommendation on most suitable for your business
  5. Advice on possible mechanism of integration credit card payment in your website.
  6. Assist you in making the above choice and sign up with the merchant account provider which supports Pakistan.
  7. Suitability of third party shopping cart solutions for your website

Integration Services - E-commerce Web Site / Shopping Carts

  1. We can offer integration services of payment gateway to an existing domain using which your customers would be able to pay you using credit card, ebanking, paypal etc.
  2. Basic service for up to 10 products would cost Rs 7500.
  3. The setting up is subject to approvals / restrictions of the merchant service provider.

To proceed further with our services

  1. you need to arrange deposit of consultancy fee as per Billing Instructions
  2. Mail us as after paying the fee, giving the bank / branch / easy paisa account from which the amount has been deposited, the date of deposit , your contact number and preferred timings of contacting you.
  3. Our representative will contact and brief you thoroughly clearing all your doubts
  4. Text briefing will also be mailed to you accordingly as necessary
  5. We will be available till your account is set up with the merchant
  6. Please also go through the Confidentiality and Liability Agreement and confirm through email that you have read and understood it.

How Integration of Credit Card Processing in Your Website Helps?

    One of the reasons that one line business has never got momentum in cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad etc is that the business community here treats their website only as a business introduction tool and not a business place itself.
    Integration of credit card processing in your business web site can make it globally accessible, more purposeful as well as professional. The integration is simple to implement, if you can devote a bit of time or hire a developer for the same.

    How to Receive Money in Pakistan?

  1. Site Visitor Pays at your website using credit card or paypal or ebanking.
  2. Money appears in your Panel (provided by payment gateway provider).
  3. At your desired level money is released by the merchant account providers
  4. Its send to you in Pakistan through check at your desired address OR the money is send to your bank account
  5. The time frame for such transactions are as per normal international banking / courier services
  6. You do not need any special / foreign currency account, check can be deposited in normal accounts in Pakistan.

At, we are offering web master resources and assistance wherein the developers can have know how about such matters like integration of credit card transaction mechanism, normally this is also termed as credit cards We have listed some of the established services in this regards, while we have links to others for you to explore.

Out of the services we have tested 2Checkout and Alert Pay works fine while one can have Money Bookers at alternative / stand by arrangements. 2 Checkout has come up well over the years and continues to improve. Their recent addition is paypal, which means if you are 2checkout customer you can also offer sales to paypal account holders.
This facility is however, for non-recurring bills. AlertPay seems equally good. Their portfolio also included, paypal, credit cards, ebanking, checks etc which would give you greater flexibility and receipts from your customers

Services available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad and all other cities of Pakistan

Account Provider in Pakistan

Unique Links is not a Merchant Account Provider in Pakistan nor nor do we offer payment gateway itself. We are offering consultancy services to Pakistani web developers and website owners in selection and integration of credit card processing services. We can also offer integration of these payment processing services on your website. We offer the consultancy services for selecting appropriate merchant accounts for your website and one how to proceed with integration of payment processing in your website for a one time cost of Rs 2500 per website. We can also offer physical integration of shopping cart / payment processing in your website separately. In case you desire availing our services, you may mail us for a quote.