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One of the basic question which you should be asking a SEO company while engaging it is the SEO position of the Company itself. Its not about making tall claims of SEO and top 10 ranking at Google and Yahoo, we demonstrate what we can achieve in ranking at google and yahoo.

SEO is about common sense and hard work. Also it must be noted that search engine ranking is not a fixed thing i.e. its not that once attained the higher position is search engines will stay for ever. SEO is thus an ongoing process and this aspect must be well understood by any one who is engage in SEO in Pakistan or else where. You can check our ranking in any of the key words or other related key words like web hosting Lahore, domain hosting Faisalabad, Low cost hosting Islamabad, Top web hosting companies Pakistan, reseller hosting Canada etc.

Search engine are the main source of traffic with google leading the race, followed by Yahoo, msn and AOL. Estimated percentage of the traffic / searched on main search engines / market traffic share is (source:
- Google: 60.2% - Yahoo: 22.5% - MSN: 11.80 - Else: 5.5%
Attaining top ranking in search engines also does not mean that you will get 100% traffic. The share of clicks going to a website having at various ranking is tabulated below:-

Rank Google Yahoo MSN The Rest Total
1 25.36% 9.48% 4.97% 2.32% 42.13%
2 7.16% 2.68% 1.40% 0.65% 11.90%
3 5.12% 1.91% 1.00% 0.47% 8.50%
4 3.65% 1.36% 0.72% 0.33% 6.06%
5 2.96% 1.11% 0.58% 0.27% 4.92%
6 2.44% 0.91% 0.48% 0.22% 4.05%
7 2.05% 0.77% 0.40% 0.19% 3.41%
8 1.81% 0.68% 0.36% 0.17% 3.01%
9 1.72% 0.64% 0.34% 0.16% 2.85%
10 1.80% 0.67% 0.35% 0.16% 2.99%

A combined approach of good ranking in many key words, well laid out website having useful contents and easy navigation and good sales and support services to customers is need to harvest the results of SEO efforts. SEO Pakistan or else where, is not about pleasing the search engines. Its about meaningful contents followed by useful services / product support, if one is to gain success in on line business. Merely outsourcing or paying a SEO company in Pakistan would not do the trick.
You should thus be looking for a company in Pakistan which can develop and effective website, follow up with marketing and sound advice on complete strategy. If you do not have little bit understanding of these areas, you may consider other approach for marketing your products than wasting money on SEO.
If you should have any questions regarding attaining top ranking at google and yahoo and you are based in Pakistan, may it be any city like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad our SEO services are available for you. You can surely be one of next customers to be listed here and of course be on first page or the top search engines like google / yahoo etc and thus enhance your business. That's what SEO can do for you.

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